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Best Website Designing Company in Delhi

Best Website Designing Company in Delhi

We are using different devices for visiting different website and these devices are often have different display size and require different layout for working on the website and for this problem responsive web design came into limelight.

So basically, Responsive web design is for developing the web pages in a way that it gets easily compatible and accommodate on every platform based on the screen size and capabilities of the browser.

 Responsive website should look perfect and should easily get handle on desktop or on mobile phone. It will constantly adjust on different platform or devices.

Responsive web design is only about, having the knowledge of HTML CSS so that one could easily make a perfect responsive website. The responsive web design is basically a group of layouts, image, queries of CSS, grids and many more. There are so many tags came under Responsive web design which we can use to make our website attractive and responsive.

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For creating a responsive website, use meta tag () on the top head of the document. This tag is used to adjust the viewport of the page and give instruction to the browser for how to adjust the dimension and scaling of the page.

By setting the value of meta viewport to width=device-width it will constantly match the size of the screen and make content adjustment according to it.

We can add a responsive image to our website such that it automatically gets accommodate according to different devices. We just have to simply change the width of the image to 100% and by doing this we can also scale the image up and down.

There is another property of an image called as max-width i.e., maximum width by which the image size gets shrink to get fit on the different screen so by setting the max-width of image to 100% will make the size of the image large.

But unlike the width property of the image, it will only scale down but nevertheless we can still use traditional method of adjusting the width and height property of the because this property helps us to reserve a place for the image without disturbing other layouts.  

We can also add image to our website by keeping the width of the different browsers in our mind that on which browser this website will be run so, there is a tag called  tag which is used to put different images for different size of window browser.

Responsive text size is used to set the size of the text. We can use “vw” i.e., viewport width to resize our text. By using the vw tag the text will automatically get resize according to the different-different window size.

There are many websites where there is a row and column for keeping the content in the table. So, for creating row and column one should have to keep layout in their mind.

One should have to design layout in such a manner so that it cannot disturb other layout of the image.

So, for adjusting the layout of the row and column there is tag called flexbox.

This tag is used when we have set of items and attributes of different size and we would like to set these items in box comfortably in such a manner that smaller items take less space and larger items get more space.

In a responsive design we use flexbox to display items on single or multiple rows or wrap up the rows according to the available space.

It is also possible to use media queries in responsive website to resize the text and image easily so it that it can easily get be fit on different browsers. By using media queries one can easily use different styles for different web browser size.

We can also use hover pointer, any-hover, and-pointer tag to make web page attractive.

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